Ohs And Ones: Decoded

Knocking down the metaphorical walls of Babylon system (aka The Matrix).

Ohs And Ones is a unique clothing brand founded & operated by music producer and lyricist, Mené Madeit.

A long time in the making, Ohs And Ones is Menés latest passion project. From Mcing to Deejaying, from rapping to producing, Mené has spent decades honing his musical creativity and he has now managed to transfer this creative energy into a different artistic medium.

Over the years, Mené compiled masses of lyrical “material” that didn’t quite “suit” a musical “fit”. Since 2020, Mené went to work on reimagining these lyrics into captions and artistic concepts. The intention was to use this “material” to then create wearable art.

“I figured, if I was to create artwork then use clothing as a canvas, the world could then be my gallery” - Mené

From the “philosophical” captions- which are directly rooted in Menés lyrical background, to his collage based artwork - which draws directly from the sampling and remixing practises often used by Mené throughout his music career, Ohs And Ones is extremely influenced by the culture of “The Blues Continuum” (modern day Hip Hop). Not only does Ohs And Ones draw upon these creative practises that are used throughout Hip Hop music, Ohs And Ones also shares the same ethos.

To quote the Hip Hop legend, KRS One

“Hip” is to know, it’s a form of intelligence . To be “Hip” is to be update and relevant. “Hop” is a form of movement, you can’t just observe a hop, you got to hop up and do it. “Hip” and “Hop” is more than music. “Hip” is the Knowledge and “Hop” is the Movement. “Hip” and “Hop” is intelligent movement.

                                                         - KRS One  & Marley Marl - ‘Hip Hop Lives’

By converging these various artistic disciplines and influences into Ohs And Ones artwork, Mené believes that this is what makes Ohs And Ones such a unique brand. Ohs And Ones isn’t solely about material aesthetics that feel good, it’s also about a message, that makes people feel good.

“In my lifetime I’ve experienced a lot of negativity, a lot of which was due to my “mixed” heritage and consequently, I was sent on a journey to decipher why this energy was a constant theme in my life” - Mené

Ohs And Ones’ is all about unplugging from the Babylonian matrix and freeing minds through changing perspectives. Through creating genuine conversation pieces, the aim is to dismantle the infrastructures of societal norms that prop up false divisive narratives. Ohs And Ones is here to decode and deprogramme a sh*t tonne of systematic cultural biases, by any arts necessary!

Love Rebelliously! ✊🏾

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